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Our why

We are an art collective from the Coachella Valley, founded in 2009. We've created a special space that encourages self-expression, human connection, and creative exploration.

Our collective has partnered with Goldenvoice for over 12 years. The partnership has included activations, decor, programming, and most notably the Coachella Art Studios.

With a commitment to growth and innovation, we are seeking new ways to provide creative outlets to festival-goers that will encourage a more memorable and sustainable impact.

As the festival space evolves, we want to continue evolving with it.

We want to utilize the art and community fostered in our space to:  - share creativity

- offer moments for mindfulness
- encourage conscious and sustainable choices in festival fashion


Our concern

"A study found that, every year, about 7.5 million festival outfits are single-use. In the age of the influencer, Coachella has become a hub of content creation based on the premise of unique, never-before-seen outfits. Brands then capitalize on this and come out with ‘festival lines/collections’ where they produce an absorbent amount of fast fashion that will rarely be worn more than once and most likely will end up in a landfill.” - Teen Vogue

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Our Next Gen

In 2023 we were inspired by students from The SAE (School of Arts and Enterprise in Pomona, CA) and invited them to participate in the Coachella Art Studios. Their fresh ideas and perspectives brought new life into our space and we plan on committing to providing future opportunities to young artists.

We look forward to building career pathways into art, music, and festival industries with students from:

- The SAE
- Otis Art School

- Cal Arts

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