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Our first 'CRAFT FYF - an interactive craft installation' Came to be in 2012 when we had a the amazing opportunity presented by FYF and Goldenvoice to partner with Chilli Beans Sunglasses Company to activate a branded experience on the field.  Not only did we help to produce a craft installation, but we also curated large scale art pieces on the concert field.


Since then, we have not missed a year at the music festival and have successfully gone on to have the opportunity to collaborate with other big brands such as VANS Corporation.

We work closely with vans to bring their iconic company's experience to life within an interactive arts experience.


With Vans we have worked together to bring murals, art works, and promotional merchandise to enhance the FYF Concert experience.


Here is where culture and community thrives in a temporary space.


Our Craft installations Leave a lasting memory paired with tangible items for the audience to take home and hold on to all year long.

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