The Core Crew

Sarah Scheideman

Founder + Producer

Sarah created Scene Creative in 2015.  It started as a small project that spawned from her grass-roots arts nonprofit, The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  She's a passionate lady and loves seeing a project to completion.  She is a lover of the arts, has a small art collection and a huge storage unit storage unit full of arts + craft supplies.  "She's such a Pisces."

Katrina Dipner

Business Development

Katrina came on the to the team by way of an arts and crafts program that we had established at Palm Sprigs Unified School District called "Lady Lead" that helped to empower our at risk female identifying students. ​We couldn't have been paired with a better person, as Katrina has since gone on to help empower and improve ideas and function of Scene Creative, specifically the Craft Packs. Who makes a better leader than a Leo?! Amiright?

Alexandria Cempaka Wyllie

Projects Manager

Alexandria is essential to every project we have.  It pretty much begins and end with this lady.  No small detail is overlooked here.  Alex is based in San Francisco, loves disco balls, shops at Vinyl Dreams and supports Artist United.  She has also traveled the world.  And yeah, you guessed it, she's a Virgo.  

The Scene Team

Creative Contractors

We work closely with approximately 50 creative contractors for jobs that are specific to their craft.

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